red 2018 Toyota Highlander front side view

Learn the difference between the Toyota SUVs

2018 Toyota SUV Comparison

Arguably the most impressive class of vehicle that Toyota makes are their SUVs. Toyota makes five different SUV models, each of which has its own specific uses. All at various price points, these SUVs are designed for adventure, performance, family utility and much more. But how do each of these utility vehicles differ from each other? Let’s find out with this 2018 Toyota SUV comparison. Read the rest of this entry >>

three models of the 2018 Toyota RAV4

See the features of each RAV4 trim level

2018 Toyota RAV4 Trim Level Differences

The 2018 Toyota RAV4 is an impressive vehicle in a number of different ways. Between its rugged design, impressive performance, reliable safety features, wide range of convenience features and more, there is a lot to love about the RAV4. One of its best features is that six available trim levels to choose from, each with their own unique features. Let’s take a look at the 2018 Toyota RAV4 trim level differences. Read the rest of this entry >>

silver 2018 Toyota Sienna front side view

See how the new Sienna compares to other family utility vehicles

2018 Toyota Sienna Engine Specs and Cargo Space Comparison 

When you are purchasing a minivan, you have some obvious expectations for what comes with it. You get a great family vehicle with features like plenty of room for seating, a ton of entertainment and convenience features, reliable safety features and much more. But what you may not expect in a minivan are some of the capabilities offered by the 2018 Toyota Sienna.

On top of the great features already listed, the all-new Sienna also operates surprisingly well as a utility vehicle, with great engine power and cargo space. But how does it stack up against other family vehicles? Find out in this 2018 Toyota Sienna engine specs and cargo space comparison. Read the rest of this entry >>

Learn more about all the Prius models

2018 Toyota Prius Model Comparison

The Toyota Prius has been one of the most impressive hybrid vehicles on the market for quite some time. Between its unbeatable gas mileage, reliable utility features and interior comfort, it has long been the ultimate commuter car in a number of different ways.

However, in recent years, multiple new off-shoots of the classic Prius have been released to fit numerous different lifestyles. These new off-shoots, being the Prius c, Prius v and the Prius Prime, are all impressive in their own unique ways. Let’s take a look at what these Prius models offer with this 2018 Toyota Prius model comparison. Read the rest of this entry >>

black 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser driving off-road

Learn more about this luxury SUV from Toyota

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Features and Specs 

The Toyota Land Cruiser is the iconic Toyota SUV, and it is easy to see why. This vehicle is the peak of what SUVs have to offer, with a ton of amazing elements to what makes it so great. Between optimized performance, reliable safety, unbeatable utility and a wide range of luxury features, there is definitely a lot to love about the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser. To see just some of the amazing features and specifications offered by the Land Cruiser, check out these 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser features and specs.  Read the rest of this entry >>

blue 2018 Toyota Corolla iM front side view

Learn the difference between these two Corolla models

2018 Toyota Corolla vs Corolla iM 

Everyone already knows the Toyota Corolla. This compact sedan has been one of the most popular cars in America for quite some time, and it is easy to see why. It consistently gets great gas mileage, has a comfortable interior, and is more reliable and dependable than nearly any other sedan. Starting in 2017, the Toyota Corolla iM has been released as an off-shoot of the typical Corolla. But how does it differ from the typical Toyota Corolla that people are used to seeing? Let’s take a closer look at them in this 2018 Toyota Corolla vs Corolla iM comparison.  Read the rest of this entry >>

Toyota Tundra TRD Sport LED headlight

Check out some of the unique style features of this trim level

2018 Toyota Tundra TRD Sport Features 

With great engine power, towing capacity, off-road capabilities, safety features and more, there is obviously a lot to love about the 2018 Toyota Tundra. One of the most exciting elements that make up the 2018 Tundra is the TRD Sport model grade. This available trim level for the new Toyota Tundra offers drivers a totally different experience than what you get with the other options for the Tundra. But what are these differences? Let’s take a closer look at these 2018 Toyota Tundra TRD Sport features.  Read the rest of this entry >>

white 2019 Toyota Avalon side view

Check out the all-new redesign of the Avalon

2019 Toyota Avalon Features 

The Toyota Avalon has certainly had some impressive iterations as a premium sedan, but the newly-announced 2019 redesign may be the most impressive yet. Recently unveiled at the North American International Auto Show, this will be the fifth generation of the Toyota Avalon, and will be going on sale in the late spring of 2018. This brand-new Avalon has a ton of new and exciting features that drivers will appreciate. Let’s take a closer look at some of the 2019 Toyota Avalon features.  Read the rest of this entry >>

happy Valentine's Day banner

Here are some places for a romantic dinner in the Nashville area

2018 Valentine’s Day Restaurants near Nashville TN 

Needless to say, the most common experience people have on Valentine’s Day is going out for a romantic dinner. You want to be able to take your significant other to a place you are not used to going to, and will give you a one-of-a-kind romantic experience. So where can you get a romantic meal with your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Check out just some of the 2018 Valentine’s Day restaurants near Nashville TN.  Read the rest of this entry >>