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2020 Toyota 4Runner in muddy water

What is the VSC Off button in my Toyota vehicle used for?

When to use the Toyota vehicle VSC Off button  

Sometimes sitting in a new vehicle can feel like getting behind the wheel of an airplane. You may not know what all of the buttons in your Toyota vehicle do, such as the VSC off button. We assure you; they all have their time and place. Keep reading below to learn about what the VSC Off button in your Toyota vehicle is used for and when you should use it. 

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2020 Toyota Tacoma towing a boat

How much horsepower does my Toyota vehicle need in order to tow a boat?

Calculate the horsepower needed to tow your boat in a Toyota SUV or pickup 

You’ve probably never seen a compact car towing a boat. That is because larger vehicles tend to have more powerful engines, which gives them the ability to tow boats and other large objects. If you have a boat, then you are better off owning an SUV or pickup truck, and it also makes sense to pay attention to its performance specifications and power ratings. Below, we’ll tell you how much horsepower your Toyota vehicle needs in order to tow a boat. 

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man with a white car

What is the Toyota New Vehicle Warranty?

Standard warranty coverage for new Toyota vehicles 

As a Toyota dealership, we are proud to retail a brand that is known for its long-lasting and high-quality products. Every Toyota vehicle is an investment that you can expect to have for many years, and warranty coverage is a piece of the puzzle that makes this brand so great. Below, you can learn about the Toyota new vehicle warranty. 

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four happy doctors in a row

Number of Coronavirus cases in Maury County, TN

How many Coronavirus cases are in Tennessee? 

The novel Coronavirus disease, also called COVID-19, has spread to every state in America. While we are awaiting the end of this pandemic, we continue to social distance and offer at-home services such as parts shipping, home delivery for new vehicle purchases, and service pickup and delivery. Please contact us to learn more about these services. You can also visit our facilities in person, as both our sales and service departments are essential businesses. Keep reading below for the most recent update on the number of Coronavirus cases in Maury County, TN. 

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man inspecting a vehicle for service

Where can I get service for my Toyota vehicle in Columbia, TN?

Toyota service center open during COVID-19 outbreak 

Our Toyota service center remains open as essential business, here to help get your vehicle fixed when you need it. We are currently offering service pick-up and delivery so that you can get Toyota service without leaving home. Plus, we have an online scheduler that makes it easy to schedule a service appointment from home.  

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fixing a car with white glove

What will happen if I don’t drive my Toyota vehicle for a month?

Why you should take your vehicle for a joyride during the COVID-19 crisis 

Toyota vehicles are well known for their longevity, but does that mean that you can leave yours in your driveway for a month without driving? We would recommend against it. In case you needed any more excuse to get out for a joyride while social distancing, read on below to learn what will happen if you don’t drive your Toyota vehicle for a month. 

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Toyota Highlander close up front fascia

How did Toyota respond to the COVID-19 crisis?

What is Toyota doing to help people right now? 

Toyota Motor North America Inc. Is taking a multi-faceted approach to responding to the COVID-19 crisis.  By supplying important medical supplies, lessening the burden on its customers, and making donations to its partners, Toyota hopes to help as many people as possible during this time of need. Read on below to learn more about how Toyota responded to the COVID-19 crisis. 

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hand cleaning a car window

Is it safe to use bleach to clean my vehicle?

How to properly use bleach to kill the Coronavirus 

If you want to disinfect your vehicle, and you have bleach on hand, then the good news is that it can be safely used on some surfaces; however, you must avoid mixing bleach with other substances or you could create a potentially dangerous mix. Read on below to learn about how to safely use bleach to disinfect your vehicle. 

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Toyota Camry Hybrid transmission close up

How to use the automatic transmission in your Toyota vehicle

How does the automatic transmission in a Toyota vehicle work? 

The automatic transmission in your Toyota vehicle has been designed for ease-of-use, but some of us like to know everything about the tools we use. The video guide for how to use the automatic transmission in your Toyota vehicle below will show you all of your shifting options and what they mean. 

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