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toyota concept-i with doors open

Toyota Introduces new AI Concept Car, the Toyota Concept-i

Does Toyota have a car with Artificial Intelligence?

When engineers and everyday drivers look ahead to the future of driving, both see smarter vehicles that offer both easier and safer driving experiences. With the industry moving forward with the idea of autonomous vehicles, automakers such as Toyota are putting their hats into the ring to put out the first AI vehicle of its kind. Recently, Toyota unveiled its take on the Artificial Intelligence vehicle, the Toyota Concept-i. Read the rest of this entry >>

blue 2018 Toyota Prius back view

See what Toyota is doing to protect the environment

Toyota Environmental Commitment Video

Toyota has proven over the years that they are dedicated to creating cutting-edge technologies for reducing fuel emissions and protecting the environment. With a full model lineup of hybrid vehicles that are sure to give you unbeatable gas mileage, Toyota is way ahead of every other major automaker when it comes to hybrid technologies. With the recent announcement that Toyota plans to completely eliminate carbon emissions by 2050, it is clear that Toyota is dedicated to protecting the environment with their fuel-efficient vehicles. Check out this video below that shows the dedication of Toyota towards the environment. Read the rest of this entry >>

Mike is a triple-amputee running in a 5K while being sponsored by Toyota in this Mobility for All video

Toyota Mobility for All videos to get you motivated

Mobility is more than just getting from one place to the next. There are many nuances to it, and the very idea can take on new meaning in certain circumstances. Toyota recently put together a few videos called Mobility for All which portray two men who have had to overcome difficult hardships in their lives. Mike is a triple-amputee, and James was paralyzed from the neck down when he was younger. Toyota sponsored these men in their journey to compete in a 5K race. Watch these inspiring Toyota Mobility for All videos to get you motivated.  Read the rest of this entry >>