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Where can you find Certified Pre-Owned Toyota vehicles in Columbia, TN?

Benefits of buying a certified pre-owned Toyota vehicle 

What is a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle (TCUV)? A TCUV is a pre-owned vehicle that meets the quality standards of Toyota and has received certification, telling customers that this vehicle has been inspected and deemed a worthy vehicle for their purchase. Vehicles must meet four qualifications to become a TCUV, which we will go over below. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of purchasing a certified pre-owned Toyota vehicle. 

How does a vehicle become a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle? 

A vehicle becomes a TCUV after the following four qualifications have been met: 

  • The vehicle must be from the newest model year or within six model years older 
  • The vehicle must have 85,000 miles or less on its odometer 
  • The vehicle must undergo a 160-point inspection and pass 
  • The vehicle’s CARFAX vehicle history must be reviewed and approved 

As you can see, these four steps help ensure the quality of the vehicle. Keeping it to newer model years with fewer miles means that the vehicle will last its new owner longer, while inspecting the car and its history makes sure that the vehicle does not have any outstanding flaws. 

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Other benefits of choosing a certified used Toyota vehicle 

Other benefits of choosing a TCUV include warranty coverage and roadside assistance. To learn more about coverage and roadside assistance, talk to a member of our sales team about TCUVs. 

Where can you purchase TCUVs in Columbia? 

We offer a selection of Toyota Certified Used Vehicles right here at Roberts Toyota. Check out our pre-owned car inventory to view our TCUVs. Hover over “Pre-Owned” at the top of our site and select “Toyota Certified Used Vehicles” from the right-hand side of the drop-down menu. 

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