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2018 Toyota Corolla vs 2018 Nissan Sentra

When researching, and eventually purchasing a new vehicle, the choice can often be incredibly overwhelming. You get irrelevant jargon and impractical features thrown at you to try to convince you, but the reality is that you sometimes just want to see the features of vehicles displayed in plain sight, and conveyed in a simplistic way. Luckily, Roberts Toyota is here to help you in this process, buy showing how the latest models of compact sedans from Toyota and Nissan stack up in this 2018 Toyota Corolla vs 2018 Nissan Sentra comparison. 

In order to guarantee a fair and accurate comparison, we will be comparing the base trim level of each model, which are the closest to each other in both price and range of features. Continue reading for our in-depth comparison of the two vehicles. If you live or work in the Columbia TN area and are considering purchasing an all-new Toyota Corolla, you can follow the link below to our inventory. 

2018 Toyota Corolla and 2018 Nissan Sentra side by side

2018 Toyota Corolla


2018 Nissan Sentra

32 miles per gallon Combined Gas Mileage 30 miles per gallon
Standard Adaptive Cruise Control Not Available
Driver Knee Protection Airbags Not Available
2-Speed CVT Transmission 6-Speed Manual

Which Compact Sedan is Right for You?

When looking at a direct comparison like the one above, the results are obvious: the 2018 Toyota Corolla is superior to the 2018 Nissan Sentra. These metrics show us that it is easily the more efficient, convenient, safe and well-performing vehicle of the two. Let's take a closer look at why this is the case. 

At 32 combined miles per gallon, compared to 30 for the Sentra, the 2018 Corolla is significantly more efficient. While the difference in those numbers may not seem like much, it is important to recognize the scale of that number. Over the course of a car's entire lifetime, that difference can save you hundreds of dollars in gas money. 

The additional convenient feature of adaptive cruise control, which is not available in the Sentra, is a great feature for the 2018 Toyota Corolla. This feature makes it possible for the car to slow down without ever having to take the car out of cruise control. This not only helps your comfort level on longer drives, but can be a great safety precaution. 

Another great safety feature of the 2018 Toyota Corolla is the knee protection airbags in the driver's seat. While you certainly never want to be in a collision as a driver, it gives peace of mind to know that the all-new Corolla can prevent further injury in the event of a collision. 

Finally, the transmission in the 2018 Toyota Corolla is far more advanced in the 2018 Nissan Sentra. A very innovative feature, the CVT system allows for a much smoother ride and easier acceleration than many drivers are used to.