white 2019 Toyota Avalon side view

Check out the all-new redesign of the Avalon

2019 Toyota Avalon Features 

The Toyota Avalon has certainly had some impressive iterations as a premium sedan, but the newly-announced 2019 redesign may be the most impressive yet. Recently unveiled at the North American International Auto Show, this will be the fifth generation of the Toyota Avalon, and will be going on sale in the late spring of 2018. This brand-new Avalon has a ton of new and exciting features that drivers will appreciate. Let’s take a closer look at some of the 2019 Toyota Avalon features. 

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collage of the 2019 Toyota Avalon exterior and interior


With the fifth generation of the 2019 Toyota Avalon comes upgraded performance capabilities, both in terms of power and efficiency. The 3.5L V6 engine in the Avalon is going to give drivers more power than there has ever been in this premium sedan, and the innovative drive system that makes up this engine helps it consume less fuel than ever before. Additionally, there will be a hybrid option for the 2019 Avalon, with will uses the innovative Toyota hybrid system to give you incredible gas mileage. 


The interior of the 2019 Toyota Avalon is going to be more comfortable and luxurious than it has ever been before. In terms of interior acoustics, the all-new Avalon does more than ever before to give you a cabin with no noise but the hum of your engine, with the help of features like intake sound generator, active noise control and engine sound enhancement. Combine this with soft-touch materials throughout the cabin, leather seating and more, and you have an incredibly luxurious cabin. 


The interior entertainment technology that comes in the 2019 Toyota Avalon is more impressive than anything we’ve seen in a Toyota vehicle before. Available in the 2019 Avalon will be a premium audio system by JBL. This 14-speaker system will generate up to 1200 watts for an intense surround-sound experience unlike any other. Combine this with the Toyota Entune 3.0 system, which has a Wi-Fi hotspot, app connectivity and more, and you will have tons of entertainment at your fingertips. 

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