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Can you smoke cigarettes at gas stations in Columbia, TN?

Tennessee laws and regulations for smoking cigarettes in public 

Can you smoke cigarettes at gas stations in Columbia, TN? What about in bars? We have the full list of banned areas below. Keep reading to learn about the Tennessee laws and regulations for smoking cigarettes in public. 

Where is smoking banned in Tennessee? 

The “Non-Smoker Protection Act” has been in effect since 2007, which has given us plenty of time to get used to the new rules and regulations. There are many places that you cannot smoke in public, but you can do as you wish at your own private residence. Here is the full list of public areas that you can’t smoke cigarettes at: 

  • Educational facilities or childcare facilities 
  • Hotels and motels 
  • Public areas of apartment buildings or other shared residential spaces such as lobbies and hallways 
  • Common use areas of any businesses 
  • Public, enclosed sports arenas and enclosed outdoor areas
  •  Health care buildings 
  • Retail stores 
  • Restaurants  

Where can I smoke in Tennessee? 

There are some exceptions to the list of banned areas above. For example, hotels and motels may offer smoking rooms. Also, you may smoke in certain tobacco retail stores, just ask the owners if you are in doubt. Furthermore, other businesses may offer indoor or outdoor smoking areas, and age-restricted venues with a 21 and older restriction are fair game. 

Where can I find further information on smoking cigarettes in public? 

We found our information on banned areas on You can also find state by state information on  

Why you shouldn’t smoke at a gas station in Tennessee 

Gas stations vary, but many gas stations may be considered retail stores, which would mean that smoking is not allowed. Common use areas such as restrooms ban smoking, and you will often see signs posted around bathrooms or around gas pumps that ban smoking in that area.  

Regardless of legality, smoking cigarettes at gas stations is dangerous, especially if you are there to get gas. The flame from your cigarette or your lighter can create enough of a spark to set gas vapors on fire. This can lead to out-of-control fires or explosions.