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red toyota prius prime front view

Video guide to the Toyota Prius Prime Plug In Hybrid

What is the difference between the Toyota Prius and the Toyota Prius Prime Plug In Hybrid?

Do you know what the difference between a normal hybrid and a plug-in hybrid vehicle is? You can learn the difference by watching the video guide to the Toyota Prius Prime Plug In Hybrid below. Talk to a member of our sales team about purchasing a hybrid vehicle for more information.

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2020 prius prime full view parked

What Updates will the 2020 Prius Prime Have to Offer?

We have come to expect that with each new model of a vehicle there should be new features and improvements to make it better than the previous model. Toyota works on each vehicle model that they manufacture to do their best at making the improvements that drivers want to see in their next vehicle. An upcoming vehicle that customers can look forward to is the 2020 Prius Prime. Keep reading below to learn about a few of the upgrades that this 2020 vehicle will have in store! Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Toyota Prius Prime charging

Check out the features of this premium hybrid car

2018 Toyota Prius Prime Features and Specs

Few automakers have been making consistently impressive hybrid vehicles like Toyota. Between hybrid variants of the most popular Toyota models and the entire Prius lineup, there is a hybrid option for every type of driver from Toyota. In particular, those who want a premium plug-in hybrid should look no further than the new 2018 Toyota Prius Prime. Let’s take a closer look at some of the great 2018 Toyota Prius Prime features and specs. Read the rest of this entry >>

Learn more about all the Prius models

2018 Toyota Prius Model Comparison

The Toyota Prius has been one of the most impressive hybrid vehicles on the market for quite some time. Between its unbeatable gas mileage, reliable utility features and interior comfort, it has long been the ultimate commuter car in a number of different ways.

However, in recent years, multiple new off-shoots of the classic Prius have been released to fit numerous different lifestyles. These new off-shoots, being the Prius c, Prius v and the Prius Prime, are all impressive in their own unique ways. Let’s take a look at what these Prius models offer with this 2018 Toyota Prius model comparison. Read the rest of this entry >>