How to use Toyota Smart key and Push Button Start

How to Operate Push Button Start and Smart Key on a Toyota

How to use Toyota Smart key and Push Button Start

Technology plays a huge role in the modern automotive industry. The new and innovative technology found in vehicles today is progressing each and every day, which is very exciting. However, it can also be somewhat overwhelming as well. That is especially true with technology that we are unfamiliar with and unsure how to use. Our staff at Roberts Toyota have been fielding a lot of questions recently about how to use Toyota Smart Key and push button start. Therefore, we have decided to take some time to answer those questions in this article.

New Redesigned 2017 Toyota CorollaHow to Use Toyota Push Button Start Feature

Push button start is a newer feature that is becoming very common on a lot of the new Toyota models. This feature is very convenient, and is actually really easy to use. In order to use this feature you need to make sure that you have the key fob in the car with you. Places such as your pocket or the cup holder are great places to have the key fob. After that, all that you need to do is ensure that your vehicle is in park, push down on the brake, and then hit the push button start in order to start the vehicle. Then to turn off the vehicle, all you need to do is put the vehicle in park, and then push the button again.

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How to Use Toyota Smart Key Feature

Toyota Smart Key is a newer feature that is available on a lot of our vehicles here at Roberts Toyota. The Toyota Smart Key is the key of the future. It allows you to unlock your vehicle without ever having to dig through your pockets or purse to find your keys. The Smart Key system can unlock the driver and passenger doors, and trunk, as long as the key is on your person. All that you need to do is put your fingers on the inside of the door handle, and it will automatically unlock it.

Feel free to reach out to us here at Roberts Toyota is you have any additional questions about any of the technology options that are offered in Toyota vehicles. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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