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Toyota model letter acronyms explained

What do the Toyota model letter acronyms stand for? 

Have you ever wondered what all the trim level acronyms stand for with different Toyota models? Understandably, you might want to know what it means when your Toyota vehicle is XLE instead of SLE for example. Below, we have a guide to the Toyota model letter acronyms for you to check out. Read the chart to see what your Toyota model acronym stands for and continue reading below to learn more. 

Guide to the meaning of Toyota model names 

Toyota model acronym  What it stands for 
CE   Classic Edition 
 DX   Deluxe 
 L   Entry-level grade 
 LE   Luxury Edition 
 S   Sport 
 SE   Sport Edition 
 SLE   Sport Luxury Edition 
 SR   Sport Rally 
 SR5   Sport Rally 5-Speed 
 VE   Value Edition 
 XL   Executive Luxury 
 XLE   Executive Luxury Edition 
 XLS   Executive Luxury Sport 
 XR   Extreme Rally 
 XRS   Extreme Rally Sport 
 XSE   Extreme Sport Edition 

The source of the above chart is Toyota. 

What is a Toyota model S? 

As you can see in the chart above, Toyota models that start with S are Sport models including the Sport, Sport Edition, Sport Luxury Edition, Sport Rally, and Sport Rally 5-Speed. While every trim level will vary, Sport trim level names designate a vehicle either with a sporty exterior design, sporty performance specification, or most likely both of these qualities.  

What is the difference between a Toyota model L and LE? 

While L and LE trim levels have a similar name, they are not to be confused. The L is an entry-level grade. In other words, the L trim level should have the most basic set of features available for that vehicle. On the other hand, an LE trim level is Luxury Edition, which should have plenty of upgrades and high-end materials to make it stand out from other trim levels. 

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What trim level should you get? 

Ultimately, we can’t answer that question for you, but choosing a trim level can be done based on price or available features. Talk to our sales team to learn more about choosing a trim level. 

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