2020 Toyota 4Runner in muddy water

What is the VSC Off button in my Toyota vehicle used for?

When to use the Toyota vehicle VSC Off button  

Sometimes sitting in a new vehicle can feel like getting behind the wheel of an airplane. You may not know what all of the buttons in your Toyota vehicle do, such as the VSC off button. We assure you; they all have their time and place. Keep reading below to learn about what the VSC Off button in your Toyota vehicle is used for and when you should use it. 

What does VSC stand for? 

The VSC of your VSC Off button stands for Vehicle Stability Control. Vehicle Stability Control is a system that helps you stay in control. In bad road conditions, VSC kicks in to automatically maintain vehicle control and stability. 

Why would I ever want to turn Vehicle Stability Control off? 

In certain situations, you may want to turn VSC off, which is why your Toyota vehicle includes a button with that function. If you’re driving as normal, just ignore that button and let VSC do its job. On the other hand, if your vehicle is stuck in mud or snow, you may want to turn VSC off as you free your vehicle. You will only need to turn VSC off if both front wheels are stuck, and you want to rock your vehicle free.  

Should I turn off Traction Control when freeing my vehicle from snow or mud? 

You may also turn off the Traction Control system when manually moving your vehicle. The Traction Control system can be turned off using the VSC button. Push and release the button to turn off the Traction Control system. To turn off both the VSC system and the Traction Control system, push and hold the button for three seconds. 

2014 Corolla How-To: VSC Off Button | Toyota video by Toyota USA 

This video gives you a visual example of what to do when your Toyota vehicle is stuck. While this video shows the 2014 Toyota Corolla, the lesson is applicable to other Toyota models.