2018 rav4 hybrid

Which Toyota vehicles are available with AWD?

Living in Tennessee, you might not get enough snow to require you to have a vehicle with all-wheel drive. Having AWD can still be helpful in many other ways and in other weather conditions besides snow. If you are interested in learning more about the drive system and which Toyota vehicles are offered in AWD, continue reading below!

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2018 highlander

Why should you get All-Wheel Drive?

Having a vehicle with AWD gives you the freedom to do more. AWD equips you with more power to be able to tow objects behind your vehicle if they are set up correctly. Having more power can also be helpful when it comes to poor weather conditions or when traveling off-road. If there is heavy rain for example, the AWD system will register if a couple of your tires start to lose traction and send more power to the tires that are still getting traction. While exploring off the beaten path, you may find yourself in some conditions that would be easy to get stuck. Having AWD will help provide you with the power and traction to help get you through the mud or uneven ground.

Toyota Models with AWD

Toyota offers a variety of their vehicles with available AWD. These vehicles include the Toyota Highlander, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, the Toyota Sienna, the Toyota RAV4 and the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. This line up offers vehicles of different sizes so that all drivers can find one that fits their needs.

Roberts Toyota offers a variety of new and used Toyota vehicles to shoppers in the Columbia area. Whether you are looking for a vehicle with AWD or FWD, we will do our best at finding the right one for you. Stop by the dealership today for a test drive or contact us with any questions!